STAGS is a six-part drama series created by Daniel Cullen for Paramount+.

The six-part series follows groom-to-be Stu and his friends on his stag do in South America. What was meant to be a week of drink, drugs, and fun turns dark when instead of boarding a plane home, the group is thrown in to a notorious and depraved prison island run by two drug-dealing siblings and it becomes clear that the stags need to pick a side if they have any chance of survival. Friendships are tested and life-long loyalty is sacrificed as Stu and his friends begin to question, who will make it home?

The cast features Nico Mirallegro (Passenger) as Stu, our handsome, charming groom-to-be. Corin Silva (SAS: Rogue Heroes) and Charlie Cooper (This Country) will play Stu’s close childhood friends, Ryan and Ant, whilst newcomer Sophie Lenglinger (Druid O’Casey: Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy) and Paul Forman (Emily in Paris) will play his university friends, Clem and Hugo. Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing) will also join the cast as Stu’s friend from “work”, Greg.

Series 1 will premier in August 2024.