We are continuing the search for boys in Lord of the Flies as we are as keen as ever to include differently-abled and children of colour in the process, so please do apply if you haven’t yet done so.


The deadline for submissions is 23rd February 2024, we are unable to accept submissions after this date.


The production is looking for children aged between 10 and 13 to play the leading roles of the main boys in this exciting adaptation of Lord of the Flies, which will be faithful to the classic book in its portrayal of the characters. No previous acting experience is required.

Parents and guardians are asked to apply by email to lotf@ninagold.co.uk.

Parents and guardians are asked to submit applications on the boys’ behalf, filmed on a phone, stating their name, age, and general whereabouts in the UK.

The boys are also asked to tell the producers, in no more than 30 seconds, what they would like to have with them if they were stranded on a remote tropical island, and why.

Parents and Guardians must state their relationship to the applicant and that they have their permission to be considered for a role in this production.

Please only use this email address to apply. Unfortunately, the production cannot provide individual feedback on submissions.